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New Work, New Writing, New Wearables

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I recently started a new position as the Creative Writer at Boston Interactive. It's a fun, experienced digital agency in Charlestown, MA, and it's led by a team of forward-thinking leaders. As the Creative Writer, one of my tasks is helping with the monthly e-newsletter. So in order to promote my new agency as well as toot my own horn, I thought I'd share an excerpt from the article I wrote called "Get to Know Wearables: How Apple Watch and Others Are Defining the Market."

Initially, a wearable was considered any item one could wear. A hat is a wearable, for instance. A necklace is a wearable. And yes, a watch, too. But for the most part, the wearables of the past carried only one or two purposes. A hat shields the sun. A necklace enhances your cosmetic appeal. A watch tells the time.

But wearables of the very-near future will have more than one purpose. Smart wearables will have dozens if not hundreds of unique possibilities. What’s more, just as a hat cannot tell the time, and a necklace will never shield your eyes from the sun, different types of wearable technology will serve unique purposes, specific to their design.

Read the full article here: Get to Know Wearables.

If you have any thoughts on the future of wearables, be sure to head back over here and drop me a comment.

How To Use Social@Ogilvy Study to Improve Your Content Marketing

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This past week, Social@Ogilvy announced on their website a new study they conducted in partnership with SurveyMonkey on what and why people share content online. Their study, called "Why is your Facebook feed covered with BuzzFeed posts?," surveyed 6,500 people in 16 different countries, including China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, and the United States.

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How Do I Verify Google Authorship on My Website?

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A little over a week ago, I decided to share some questions I get from clients or blog readers. Here's a new one on the subject of Google Authorship, which I've written about here.

I think I've set up Google Authorship on my site, but I'm not sure. How can I know if I did it correctly?

When you change the way your website can appear to Google's search engine results page (SERP), it can take time for Google to crawl your site and display your site the way you expect. Worse, you may not see the results the way you expect even if you set up everything perfectly because Google displays different SERPs to different people depending on a number of factors. So how do you reconcile this?

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Can I Remove Inappropriate Reviews from My Facebook Page?

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I often get questions in my email related to social networks or online marketing. Here's one I wanted to share:

There is a review on Facebook that I thought I got rid of but apparently is still showing up. I don’t think it is appropriate but I don’t seem to be able to do anything to it. Could you look at it and tell me what can be done? [sic]

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Use Your Google+ Post Titles for an SEO Boost

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Do you use Google+ to help your website's SEO? There are many good reasons to do so, not to mention my own on how to use Google+ for link building. Here's a quick and easy trick you can use for better search optimization when sharing links or content to The G+... Okay, fine. No one's calling it that.

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